Average Cost to Install Gutters

$1,219 200 linear ft Find out how much your project will cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Install Gutters?

Thinking about installing new gutters? Installing gutters helps to prevent water damage and provides protection for your roofing. The average cost for a contractor to install gutters is from $735 - $1,702 for 200 feet. Gutters are measured by the linear foot, so that means the average cost per foot will be about $4.25 - $5.00.

However, the gutter installation cost can vary quite a bit, depending on the types of gutters and the gutter systems you choose. Find out more.

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What Affects the of Gutter Installation Cost?

  1. Gutter length needed. For the average American home, you’ll need 120-250 linear feet of guttering.

  2. Gutter material used. Gutters may be made of vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, or copper (n order from least to most expensive). Aluminum gutters are by far the most commonly used. See chart below for price, pros and cons of each.

  3. Diameter. Gutters are usually available with a 5 or 6-inch diameter. Five-inch guttering is standard, though 6-inch will allow 40 percent more liquid to pass through. It can also cope with a larger volume of debris (like fallen leaves). Maintenance will be easier and you’ll have fewer gutter clogs.

  4. Gutter style. K-style, shaped like the letter “K”, are very popular, due to their attractive appearance and easy installation.
    Half-round are shaped like half a cylinder; not as functional as most other styles, they are mostly for historic homes.
    Extra-large fascia gutters, which are attached to a fascia board work well in regions with sudden, heavy storms to protect against water damage to your roofing.

UPVC fascia gutter by stormcladhomeimprovements

Compare Gutter Materials

Gutter Material
Price Per Linear Ft (includes labor)
1. easy installation
2. flexible
3. rustproof and dent-resistant
1. grows brittle due to extreme cold or age
2. discolors fast
3. harder to seal
1. resists corrosion
2. easy maintenance
3. lightweight
4. choice of colors
1. dents and bends easily
2. expands with temperature changes
$4-$9 sectional
$5-$11 seamless
1. extremely strong
2. wind-resistant
3. choice of colors
1. may rust
2. heavy weight
1. strong
2. rustproof
3. easy maintenance
4. good curb appeal; develops an attractive patina
1. high cost
2. heavy weight


Cost Breakdown

The cost to to have gutters installed will normally include:

  • Materials – Gutters: See the chart above to compare the type of gutter and  the materials you would like to use. In addition, there are 2 types. Sectional gutters are easier to install but more prone to leakage. Seamless gutters installation is a complex job best done by professionals.
    Downspouts: You’ll need 1 downspout for approximately 20 feet of guttering. Expect to pay an additional $5-$10 for each downspout.
  • Labor -- Labor cost generally includes teardown of existing gutters and downspouts as well as installation of new ones. Installation of special gutter guards will add to the labor cost.

  • Cleanup -- Haulage costs for old gutters may add to the expense of this project.
  • Copper gutter and downspout by Aiko, Thomas & Juliette+Isaac/flickr

Gutter Installation Return on Investment

“Do gutters add value to a home?” homeowners often ask. Rather than a simple “yes” or “no,” the correct answer is that gutters (or some sort of drainage system) are essential to your house, just like a roof or a front door.

The purpose of gutter installation is to protect your home against water damage by directing rainfall and melting snow safely away from the roof and foundation. Your gutter system can also help prevent soil erosion, maintaining the beauty of your lawn and garden.

If that hasn’t convinced you of the importance of gutters, consider the statement of Oregon home appraiser Jerin Harper, as quoted on Homelight real estate blog: “(A mortgage lender) will almost never lend on a property that doesn’t have gutters and downspouts that are functional.”

Of course, high quality, well-kept metal gutters do add an element of curb appeal to a house for sale, encouraging buyers to visit your property … and perhaps make that offer you’re hoping for.

Rain gutter by sandid/pixabay

Get the Most for Your Money

  1. Do your homework. Learn about types and sizes of gutters so you will be an informed consumer.

  2. Get multiple bids on installation of gutters and downspouts. Choose the best gutter installation contractor to hire by comparing quotes, services offered, and availability.

  3. Consult with your gutter installer about whether you will need gutters around your entire house. The most important spot to install gutters is at the base of a roof slope.
    However, where you have a roof overhang of at least 10 inches, ground that slants downward away from the home, a gravel or concrete apron around your house, or an effective rain diverter, you may not need gutters installed around the entire house.
    In any region with heavy precipitation, though, a good guttering system is essential.

  4. Protect your new gutters. Install gutter guards and downspout screens; they're a relatively inexpensive way to make your guttering system last longer – and reduce the time you spend on gutter cleaning.

  5. In northern states, look for heavier-gauge aluminum (.032- or .027) – it’s best for areas with heavy snow. In addition, install heating elements to protect your gutters against icing up when winter temperatures drop below freezing.

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